Rise of the Runelords

Where is Ameiko!? (Session 4 Part I)

After a couple days of rest following the craziness that was the Boar Hunt, the heroes awoke to find a message from Sheriff Hemlock awaiting for them at the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko Kaijitsu delivered the letter with the observation that the messenger was insistent that the contents were important. Amberle took the letter and discovered it was a summons by the Sheriff to meet them in the Jailhouse. The heroes grabbed a quick breakfast and decided to go see what all the hubbub was about.

Upon arriving at the jailhouse, the party found Balor Hemlock in deep discussion with Kendra Deverin and a leather-clad Elven woman wearing a long olive cloak. The Sheriff greeted the heroes amiably and thanked them again for their role in helping thwart the goblin raid on Sandpoint and then introdcued the Elf woman standing next to him as Shalalu Andosana. Hemlock informed the party that Andosana was the cities’ unofficial scout of the surrounding countryside and had made a name for herself over the past few years combating the goblin menace in the surrounding area. Shalalu had gotten into the habit of swinging back thru Sandpoint every month or so to keep the Mayor and the Sheriff up to date on any goblin activity and had, on several occasions, given the town a heads up about certain goblin activity. She was as close to a goblin expert as the town had concerning the region.

Shalalu had recently returned to town and had some disturbing news that she had shared, and Hemlock thought it would be prudent to update the heroes since they had been so helpful in the previous raid and had decided to stick around. Shalalu gave a quick description of the layout of the 5 goblin tribes that occupied the regions surrounding Sandpoint, and went on to deliver the news that it appeared the goblins were more organized than she had seen in recent memory. In fact, the cooperation of all 5 tribes in the recent raid on Sandpoint intimated that there was a larger force directing the goblins as they were unlikely to cooperate otherwise. Hemlock stated that he believed there might be a greater threat to the town and that he had decided to travel south to Magnimar to petition for additional support as his own town guard was staffed with good, but very green, men and if a larger threat loomed, he wished to have additional support. He informed the party as to his intention to take a few of his most trusted guardsmen with him to scout the lands between Sandpoint and Magnimar on the way there an, as such he would like to request that the heroes aid Sandpoint with their presence once again.

Hemlock requested that the heroes make themselves seen around Sandpoint and help keep the peace while the bulk of the town guard were out of town. The town had come to see the heroes as allies and had started to develop trust in them seeing as how they helped save the Cathedral and drive out the goblins and all. Asharan hedged at the request and asked what was in it for them, asking the Mayor if they could be made nobles or given knighthood for their aid to the town. The Mayor informed them that, while their service to Sandpoint was notable, the ability grant nobility or knighthood was not in her hands and rested solely with the Sandpoint aristocracy. After some minor haggling, it was agreed upon that in exchange for the heroes’ help, Mayor Deverin would put in a good word with the leading local aristocrat Lonjiku Kaijitsu about potentially granting the party members some sort of boon, but that they would also write up the papers immediately to have the party deputized while the Sheriff was away to lend some legal authority to their role in Sandpoint.

Shalalu invited the guests to meet at the Rusty Dragon for dinner, apparently she was good friends with Ameiko, and she could fill the heroes in on any questions they might have about the local goblin tribes or their activities. The heroes accepted the invitation and left the Mayor and the Sheriff alone to prepare for the guards’ trip to Magnimar. After they had left the jail, Asharan inquired of Ameiko where in town he might have the tusk of the boar he sliced off crafted for him. Ameiko said that might be a tough match but possibly the carpentry guild or maybe the Scarnetti family, as they were said to have means to obtaining unusual items on occasion. Asharan bid goodbye to Gollic and Amberle, who decided to wait for Shalalu in the Rusty Dragon and recreate their own private drinking competition.

Asharan made his way to the local carpentry guild and met the current guildmaster Aesrick Battlehorn, a stout dwarf who informed the pestering human that the carpentry guild didn’t have the time nor the desire to mess around with trinkets made from animals. Asharan left in a huff and decided to check out the Scarnetti estate on the other side of town before twilight came and Shalalu’s invitation was imminent. As he approached the estate, he noticed a couple of black-clad brutish looking folks lounging on the steps of a well-kept, dark two story estate. The place had a somewhat shady vibe and Asharan decided he would wait to address the Scarnetti when he had he friends with him and instead made his way back to the Rusty Dragon.

Once the party was all gathered together with Shalalu in the tavern, the ranger gave a brief history of the surrounding goblin tribes and their interactions with the town of Sandpoint. She made a mention of several important tribes including the Mosswood goblins and the Thistletop Goblins. She also made mention of no less than 5 goblin “heroes” who were often the leaders of the tribes. At the mention of goblin heroes, Gollic laughed and commented on the “scariness” of goblin heroes, at which Shalalu snapped her head at him and warned him that he should be careful to mock that which he was unaware of and repeated her caution that some goblins were much more martial than you might expect. She informed the heroes of her intentions to head to the Mosswood forest as recent activity near there made it the natural selection for her observations and promised to update the party with any information she came across that might be helpful to the safety of Sandpoint. Shalalu insisted that the fact the goblins were organized together meant that someone bigger was at the helm and that could only mean bad things for Sandpoint. Amberle agreed with the assessment and brought to light the recent findings from the cemetery that things were probably not all as they seemed and that they should be careful. Shalalu wished the party well and retired for the night along with the heroes.

The next day, after picking up their deputization paperwork from the jail decided to being by patrolling the streets on their way to visit the Scarnetti estate. Asharan conviced Gollic and Amberle to join him with a trip to visit the Scarnetti’s to see about his horn. The town greeted the party with well wishes and waves and it appeared that spirits were starting to recover from the recent trauma of the goblin raid. Upon arriving at the estate, the party found the same two men standing out front of the mansion and they approached them. Asharan asked to see the head of the household for a meeting to ask about some work being done. The two men gave the party a hard time about asking to see their master without making a proper appointment, but some handy diplomatic fast talking by Asharan and Amberle they relented to ask their master if he had time to see them, but gave no promises. The larger one retreated into the building and left the party standing on the front lawn for a response….and standing….and standing….and standing.

After what seemed like forever (it was actually only over and hour), the large man re-emerged and informed the party that his master would hear their request but would only talk to Amberle as he really wanted nothing to do with someone so obviously closely affiliated with the religious life of Varisia as Asharan was. Asharan begged Amberle to help him out and ask to the Scarnettis to craft the boar tusk, or find someone who could, into a figurine he could take with him on his adventures. Amberle relented and made her way nervously into the mansion. There she was escorted into the estate and was introduced to Titus Scarnetti, the head of the Scarnetti household in Sandpoint. Titus inquired as to what Amberle and her party needed and seemed to imply his irritation at their lack of etiquette in arriving without requesting a pre-arranged meeting. Amberle appologized for the intrusion, mentioning that Ameiko had suggested Titus as a possible route to meet their needs. Titus scowled at the mention of Ameiko but continued to listen to Amberle’s request. He then proceeded to tell Amberle that such a request was certainly out-of-the-ordinary and would take considerable effort to procure in the relatively remote city of Sandpoint, but that he would be willing to do it for her if she would agree to an exchange of a future favor to be paid by the party for his help. Amberle requested that she go confer with her friends, but Titus stubbornly refused saying he had already given enough of his time to these shenanigans and that either Amberle accept the perfectly appropriate arrangement or she could leave immediately. Amberle, feeling someone out of her element and not completely trusting the good intentions of Titus, declined the offer and made haste in her retreat from the estate. Asharan was disappointed to find that his horn would not be crafted anytime soon, but thanked Amberle for trying and Gollic for keeping him company on the not-so-comfortable Scarnetti lawn. Having spent most of the day messing with the Scarnetti family the party decided to make their way back to the Rusty Dragon for the night and Asharan decided to spend the night visiting the newly christened (in a small private ceremony) Sandpoint Cathedral.

The next morning, Amberle and Gollic awoke to find the Rusty Dragon uncharacteristically empty with neither customers nor Ameiko anywhere in sight. They left the building to see what was happening in town and noticed most of the citizenry going about their day as normal. As they made their way up the street, they noticed an excitable and very-concerned-looking Halfling scrambling around the jailhouse, obviously looking for some help. They approached her and introduced herself as Bethana Corvin. In a panic, Bethana informed Amberle and Gollic that Ameiko was missing and never in 10 years had she not shown up to start the day at the Rusty Dragon. Stuttering her words on top of themselves, she informed the heroes that Ameiko’s room was still locked shut and no response was coming from inside and she was frightened that something bad had happened to Ameiko but she didn’t want to intrude on her boss’s private room and she had come to the jail for help only to find it empty.

Amberle and Gollic both, despite some annoyance at Bethana’s hyperactivity, were worried and informed the Halfling that they were deputies and would check out Ameiko’s room, and the three of them hurriedly returned to the Rusty Dragon and went to check out the room. After some initial investigation of the door, Gollic then picked the lock (assuring Bethana that he had city authority to do so) and they entered the room. Upon searching the empty room, Gollic found little out of the ordinary except a note on the nightstand from someone named Tsuto and informed Amberle that Ameiko was instructed to come to the Glassworks factory the night prior by Ameiko’s sister and there was something to do with their father’s role in the raid. The whole thing struck Gollic and Amberle as suspicious and they resolved, despite the howling panic by Bethana that Ameiko didn’t have a sister and “what’s going on!?” “Is she dead?!” “What do I do now!?” etc. Amberle kept having to shove the Halfing back out of the doorway so she could confer with Gollic and they decided they needed to find Asharan and check out what was going on in the glassworks in case something had happened to Ameiko. They talked Bethana down enough to instruct her to shut down the Rusty Dragon for the day and to wait for them at the tavern until they returned, having to promise numerous times they would both find Ameiko and be back before night. Bethana, deep with worry and confusion kept demanding that Ameiko didn’t have a sister but that she would do as Amberle asked and wished them hurry to find her friend Ameiko. Gollic and Amberle then made their way to the Cathedral to find Asharan and head toward the Glassworks.


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