Rise of the Runelords

Swallowtail Festival and a Raid of Goblins!

The adventure begins!

All of the small coastal town of Sandpoint had gathered to celebrate. After 10 long years of building and budget stresses, not to mention the Late Unpleasantness, the Sandpoint Cathedral was finally to be christened. The burning of the previous cathedral and the loss of Father Tobyn and his adopted Aasimar daughter Nualia had struck the town hard. After the long rebuilding process guided by the newly arrived Father Zantus, Sandpoint was ready to see a new era in their religious faith begin.

All the town was gathered together to begin the Swallowtail festival with series of speakers. Mayor Deverin began the day with the welcome for the crowds and was well received. Sheriff Balor Hemlock followed with a warning to be safe and report any suspicious activity while enjoying the festival. The next speaker, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, one of the local nobility, begged illness and was not able to attend and was replaced by the very energetic, and self-promoting, Cydrak Drokkus, the local theater director, who encouraged the audience to attend the performances that weekend featuring a visiting theatrical star from Magnimar. The Speeches were concluded with the daily schedule and blessing for the day given by the new High Priest in Sandpoint, Father Zantus.

As the crowd dispersed, games, musicians, storytellers, and contests of all kinds began setting up in the city square out front of the Cathedral. The Swallowtail Festival had begun! Games venders shouted their games and one in particular area started to draw a crowd. A well armored half-elf, Asharan and a stout dwarf, Gollic stepped up to the stage to compete in an apple bobbing contest. The first round went to Gollic amid the cheers of the assembled audience and after a little taunting Asharan was able to come away victorious in the second round. After a brief stare down and some vigourous bobbing, whereupon Asharan found himself firmly doused in water, the dwarf emerged victorious! The crowd roared their approval and Asharan muttered about the advantages of dwarfs because of their short height. (the first of many dwarven short jokes in the days to come)

Gollic then made his way across the street where he found a number of tables set up and an energetic young woman shouting about the Rusty Dragons 3rd Annual Beer Drinking contest. Never one to turn down free beer, he found himself sitting across from an enigmatic woman dressed in monk’s robes. The monk introduced herself as Amberlee and wished her dwarven competitor luck. The first round of the Rusty Dragon’s finest stoutest brew saw half the assembled population knocked out almost immediately, yet neither the dwarf nor the monk appeared to have any ill effects. Round after round saw competitors drop out until all that remained was Gollic and Amberlee in an epic showdown. (what was to be the first of many in the coming days). The crowd had grown large and many of Sandpoint’s citizens found themselves cheering for Gollic to emerge victorious. The next round was served and after both contestants downed their ale, Amberlee swayed in her seat and promptly found herself on the ground with a huge grin. The crowd erupted with chants of “Gollic! Gollic!” and a number of young ladies began to twitter about what other prowesses Gollic might indeed have.

Shortly thereafter, Father Zantus announced the free meal being served by the cities fine dining establishments as the Swallowtail Festival’s annual cooking contest began. Amberlee, Gollic, and Asharan found themselves moving about the fair sampling the various dishes and each casting their votes for different restaurants only to find that the crowd overwhelmingly preferred the dishes served by the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko was all smiles as she accepted the award given by Father Zantus.

After awarding the victory to the Rusty Dragon, Zantus called the gathered city to the front of the Cathedral steps to begin the re-dedication of the Cathedral grounds and the consecration to follow. Zantus began with a prayer to Desna to bless the town and its people for their religious commitment to the gods as his acolytes wheeled a wagon out in front of the crowd. The sheet covering the wagon was pulled back as Father Zantus finished his prayer and hundreds of blueish purple butterflies, the symbol of Desna, were released into the air. Several of the butterflies alighted themselves on Asharan who took a moment to nod to the butterflies who, being butterflies, just flew off.

Father Zantus began to make preparations for the actual consecration of the Cathedral, but as he was pulling out his holy implements, scattered screams and movement worked their way thru the crowd. The activity seemed to grow until the crowd went into a complete panic as a mass of green shapes filled the Sandpoint streets. Goblins ran amok everywhere and surrounding the crowd came a chant seeming to come from all sides.

“Goblins chew and goblins bite,
Goblins Cut and Goblins Fight,
Stab the Dog and cut the Horse,
Goblins eat and take by Force!

Goblins race and goblins jump,
Goblins slash and goblins bump,
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup,
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be Goblins! You be food!!"

Goblins began chasing citizens thru the streets, shattering windows and smashing tables. Up the street two goblins slit the throat of a dog and cackled gleefully as the blood spewed out onto the city cobblestones. Asharan, Gollic, and Amberlee were each able to shake off the shock of the sudden goblin attack and rush to meet the charging (well kind of charging…one stopped to eat some salmon left over on a picnic table) goblins while Father Zantus hurried into the Cathedral carrying with him the holy items to be used in the consecration service.

Gollic and Amberlee with both able to dispatch the unlucky goblin souls that charged directly at them while Asharan moved to engage a goblin that had jumped up onto a picnic table and started to throw shards of broken beer steins at the heroes as he tried to use his surrounding items to hurt the “Longshanks” Asharan sprinted toward the nearest taunting goblin and, in a rare display of acrobatic prowess for the heavily armored man, launched himself into the air landing on the table opposite the goblin. The table, bearing the load of a vaulted armored half-elf, proceed to filp sending the goblin opposite Asharan flying over his head face first into the side of the Cathedral while snapping its neck instantly.

The heroes took a second to gather themselves and belived the attack to possibly be over when a wagon near where the priests suppies has been held exploded in a violent display of burnt wood sending flaming planks across the town square as three goblin pyros emerged from behind the wagon wielding flaming brands and a goblin warchanter whipped them into a frenzy from behind. The flaming wood landed all across the area where Asharan had jumped and spilled the beer glasses from the drinking games and the alcohol on the ground instantly ignited into flames lighting the grass on fire and started to move toward the Cathedral.

Asharan and Amberlee quickly reversed course as they ran to bring the fight to the pyros, while Gollic worked his way around the alleyways to the west of the goblins in the hopes of striking them unsuspecting from the bushes in between the building on their flank, the battle was vicious as dogslicers cut deeply into the weak spots in Asharan’s armor and a lucky goblin strike was able to make contact with Amberlee as she tried to out maneuver the goblins accross from her. From the bushes Gollic fired a sneak shot on the fray only to fail spectacularly with his crossbow bolt sailing behind the main fracas and drawing the attention of two goblins, who then proceeded to, with admittedly unnaturally abnormal goblin accuracy put two arrow shafts into the dwarf knocking him unconscious.

Seeing their ally go down, Amberlee and Asharan made quick work of the goblins who had dared to wound them and incapacitate their ally. Asharan ran to Gollic’s aid, a warm radiating from his hands to stabalize Gollic from any more damage while Amberlee advanced on the remaining Goblin Warchanter. In a flurry of blows, Amberlee rained attacks on the goblin from what seemed like impossible angles and the chanter collapsed into the ground at the monk’s feet just as Gollic regained conciousness. The heroes, seeing the flames from the beer moving dangerously close to the cathedral rushed to put them out lest the newly built structure meet the same fate as its predecessor.

The allies surveyed the streets to what appeared to be the dying down of the raid when they heard calls from the north for help in a high, shrill male voice that seemed terrified. The heroes raced off to the north to find a large goblin riding a giant skinless dog, standing over vicous black dog barking back at it. Behind the dog, cowering on the side of the building behind some crates a man dressed i blue hid shouting for help as the dog continued to protect him. The heroes sprang into action and started toward the goblin commando only to see the large goblin sweep down and slice a giant gash into the dogs neck tearing out whole chunks. Three goblins emerged from nearby bushes as he did so cheering at the goblin and congratulating hm on the dog kill. Asharan made a beeline for the commando. Amberlee laid a vicious blow to the side of the commando doubling him over in the saddle after her charge. Asharan followed up with a tenacious swing of his own sending the head of the goblin commando flying across the green toward one of the newly emerged goblins. Seeing the commando dispatched so quickly, the goblins panicked in fear and bolted from the green heading out in different directions, the goblin dog following them pulling what remained of the goblin body with him as it went.

The blue dressed man emerged from behind the boxes to lament the kiling of his dog and to compliment and thank the heroes that had saved his life. He introduced himself as Alderon Foxglove a traveling merchant and noble from Magnimar. Foxglove was especially praisworthly of Amberlee’s show of physical prowess and proclaimed them “true heroes.”

As he did so, it apprered that the goblin raid had finally reached its conclusion. Straggling shell shocked victims made their way across the city streets and the City Guard could be seen here and there chasing a goblin out of a home or down a street. Alderon thanked them again and requested they meet him at the Rusty Dragon soon so he could properly pay them for their service and departed. Ameiko Kaijistu noticed the party as they stood watching Alderon leave and thanked them for saving the town (and her business) from the goblin raid an offered them 2 weeks room and board at the Rusty Dragon to thank them. Finally, Mayor Deverin made her way from the city gates looking troubled, but making it a point to thank the heroes for doing what they could to save the people of Sandpoint as well their cathedral. The heroes accpted the thanks and wellwishes and they made their way to their newly-found free rooms The Rusty Dragon, The goblin raid has been defeated but many questions still existed as to why the goblin raid was attacking in the first place and who was behind the attacks.


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